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network designThe first step toward due diligence for major data-privacy regulations, is to conduct regular, internal audits. Businesses today make unprecedented demands for cost control and efficiency, yet many enterprises are wasting money on unnecessary and redundant network infrastructure because they simply don't have an accurate and complete inventory of their network assets. Unable to precisely identify available network assets, IT purchases exceed actual requirements, negatively impacting budget, support, and leasing costs.

Choosing and implementing the most effective network infrastructure for smooth integration with your legacy network can be a complex and costly undertaking. Our design team helps you address changes in your network environment, either in creating a new system, or updating or enhancing an existing system. We then specify the hardware, software and skilled resources to provide a solution that compliments your business environment and ensures you get maximum functionality from your infrastructure.

Other aspects of network design:
• Computer Security (Intrusion detection & prevention)
• Data and hardware disaster recovery planning
• Internet & Network connection setup and troubleshooting
• Software installations & upgrades
• End-user training
• Hardware troubleshooting & diagnosis
• System maintenance (software checks, hard drive optimization, etc.)

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