Email Solutions

Servlet is a business-class email hosting provider, offering high-end hosted email solutions that adapt to your network's needs - featuring IMAP, POP3, SMTP, Webmail Access, Front-End Filtering, Mail Forwarding, Mail Migration, and more!Hosted Email Solutions - Front End Filtering, Mail Forwarding

Servlet also provides the same level of secure email hosting services to users seeking quality email hosting for their personal accounts.

Email Hosting - Benefit from faster time to market, ease of scalability, higher performance, reliability, security, easy server access and increased bandwidth to handle spikes in email traffic.

Front End Filtering - SPAM and Viruses taking over your inbox? We can help... Our experts continuously upgrade and maintain a sophisticated filtering system to keep a step ahead of spammers and virus authors.

Mail Forwarding - Forward your registered domain email to any existing email account.

Webmail Access - Access your mail from any computer using one of our secure webmail interfaces.

Email Migration - Migrate your mail from an in-house or unsecure public platform to our reliable, managed email system.

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