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Dayton Web Design - Custom CMS by ServletContent Management Systems (CMS)
Servlet builds and utilizes fully integrated web applications, providing clients the ability to easily access and update their site content in a rich text environment.

Our software application solutions are built specific to your site and can include any of the following features: online administration, rich text editing, blogging platform, site statistics, event calendar, galleries, forums, search engine, advanced forms, wikis, mailing list management, classified ads, social networking, and more!


Enhance your Content Management System further by incorporating any or all of the following handy components:

Project Management System - Evolve the way your team collaborates and keep track of individual tasks or group project progress with an intelligent management system unique to your company's needs.

File Management System - Simplify important data archiving with a protected document management system - a secure application that will ease the way you organize and share reports, presentations, media, and more.

Contact Management System - Dependable inter-office communication is essential for the modern business. Promote group discussions, share files, and send or receive messages wherever there's an available internet connection.

Image Management System - Upload and categorize images in a gallery system that's attractive and easy to use. Images are key as they make the most impact in a medium that relies first and foremost on visuals.

Social Networking System - Now you can offer your community the ability to connect online! Servlet utilizes the latest online social networking management systems that make it easier for your social group to stay in touch and share images, discussions, and more. Features: Member Registration, Member Profiles, Micro-communities, Albums, Forums, Status Updates, Blogging, Polls, Chat, Media Sharing, Social Site Integration (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube)

Servlet can also host and/or create unique themes for the following fully-customizable, open source content management systems:

Dayton Web Design - Custom WordPress Themes by Servlet Dayton Website Design - Custom CMS Made Simple by Servlet Dayton Web Development - Custom Magento E-commerce by Servlet Dayton Website Development - Custom Joomla CMS by Servlet

+ Plus: Drupal, Mambo, Omeka, Gallery Menalto, Noah's Classifieds, and more! Our servers are robust, secure, and well maintained creating a faster and safer environment for your sites. Curious if your favorite CMS is compatible but don't see it listed above? Finding out is easy - just contact us with the requirements for your CMS (e.g. IIS, Apache, PHP5+, Mysql 5+, GD 2) and we'll let you know asap.